Distance is Just a State of Mind

“Hop on a flight this weekend, come over for a few days”

This sentence would be normal, had it come from anyone else. In fact, the person who said it was my sister; my beautiful sister, just ~7,500 km away, in North America, asking me to come over for the weekend.

Over here at the other end of the planet, in Eastern Europe, I sat in disbelief, savoring my sense of accomplishment . 7 years ago I set out to prove that distance is only a relative term. Something is only as far as we let it appear to be, no matter how many km between us.

Looking back now, I may even say that this has been something I’ve been doing since I was very little, on a subconscious level. However, now, in this moment, I can say this is my intention.

I looked back onto my Whatsapp screen and typed back: “I’ll think about it, will let you know.”

That’s another thing – Whatsapp – what would I do without these communications apps and smart phones? My sister and I send each other photos of things we’ve baked, places we’ve visited, ugly selfie shots in the morning, etc. If it wasn’t for communications apps, she would never have known what I looked like on January 1st, 2015 when I got out of bed, put on my floor-length house coat and drank coffee while trying to sleep myself back to life. Every sister needs to know what her sister looked like while doing that.

I spent the other day on Skype with a friend of mine from Italy. He’s living in Australia now and I haven’t seen him in 1…2…3… in 6 years! Crazy O, he still dances on webcam, he still makes me laugh, he still knows me, and he’s almost 15,000 km away. But what are those km anyway? They’re just numbers. Etihad Airways has now introduced a 22h flight from Belgrade- Perth. 

The idea is to make the planet smaller, in perception. I literally recognized a stranger at the Vienna International Airport a few months ago. The planet is inhabited by about 7 billion people. What are the chances of running into and recognizing one of those 7 billion commuters, all in a hurry to get to their gate, step out through a door and into a completely new country?

I posted it before on Facebook but I’ll say it again: #globalvillage



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