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Our Guide to Beating the British Summer Blues

This article was originally published on Your Coffee Break

By Aleksandra Tarabic

online bingo, shopping online, ecommerce


The British summer is famous for being not hugely summery. Why does everyone stock up on Kettle Chips and beers and head to the nearest open grass area the second the sun comes out? Because it’s so rare, that’s why! Yes, there are too many summer days that see more rain than they do sun; but what to do if those days fall when you’re on annual leave? You still want to make the most of your holiday time …so, this is our guide to bringing the outside world indoors! All those things you usually have to leave the house to do? Bring them to you!

Going out to the shops VS. online shopping

Heading out the door and into your favourite store, rain or shine, used to be the only way you could find that perfect little black dress for date night. In a (not so) twisted turn of events, online shopping has become an increasingly common staple of the world we live in. What’s the driving force behind this shift? Convenience. Without the hassle of getting ready, finding parking and dealing with long lines and big crowds, you can count on the dependable and opinionated online community to make sure you get anything and everything you need, all while curled up in your pajamas watching re-runs of your favourite sit-com.

Playing footy in the park VS. playing on a gaming console

When you’re not shopping online and peeking over to see what shocking thing *insert fave character name here* just did, the TV is free. Instead of pining over the weather and disappointingly looking through the window as the rain pours down, why not invite the guys over and inspire a bit of competitive spirit on a games console? You can play golf, football, wrestling, drive fast cars and ski down mountains all from the comfort of your own home!

Going out to play bingo VS. playing online

There’s nothing like a good motivational story to get the ball rolling – needless to say that the next big £5.9million online bingo winner could be you. Jackpot winner Mr. Orchard joined the other millions of people around the world who prefer playing bingo online to actually visiting a bingo hall. Quite simply,bingo sites are up and running 24/7, available to you whenever you can grab a few minutes of spare time – even if that’s just on the tube during your commute to and from work, or those last 30 minutes of up time after you put the kids to sleep. Not to mention that playing bingo on the internet is less expensive than playing in person. Many websites will give players  1cent per bingo card – making the internet a utopia for new players and players with a tight budget. With new bingo sites emerging constantly, we’re certain you’ll find the right choice for yo

Going out to see a West End show VS. watching a musical on DVD

No offence to the little black dress you bought online a few paragraphs ago, but getting dolled up and ruining it while you make your way from the car to the theatre, in the rain, isn’t really turning you on. What is, is rocking it out in the living room whilst watching a musical on DVD. Everyone can use a good night in every once in a while, and this way you actually get to sing along to the good parts without getting evil eyed by the woman sitting in front of you at the theatre. Don’t be afraid to break out those hairbrush-microphones girls!

Going to the gym VS. doing a home work out

Saving some cash by staying home instead of going to a show may give you leeway to spend a bit more on something else, but it might also inspire you to save up even more. And if the weather is a factor in your decision-making, we know you’ll opt for the at home work out over trudging through the grey streets to the gym. It’s great then that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience – because today you’ll find tons of online workouts, training tutorial articles and personal trainer video samples on the internet. You can build around your schedule and do some pushups between chores, and sit ups during the TV ad breaks!

Going to the pub VS. becoming your own mixologist at home

The girls are round, you were all planning on going out on the town, but it’s just started raining. You did not just spend 45 minutes on your hair only for it to be drenched in two seconds flat. Stay in and be your own mixologists! Have fun creating your own cocktail concoctions, experiement with flavours and raid the fruit bowl for quirky garnishes! Plus, there’ll be no one kicking you out at last orders – win win!

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