bikini, summer, body shape

5 colourful bikinis for every body shape

This article was originally published on Your Coffee Break

By Aleksandra Tarabic

bikini, summer, body shape

There’s been a lot of coverage recently about what a ‘perfect beach body’ is; as far as we’re concerned, as long as you’re happy in your own skin, you’ve already attained perfection. Not comfortable with how you think you look in a bikini? Don’t go changing that bod – change the bikini! Yup, the ‘perfect beach body’ is the one you’ve already got, paired with a super cute bikini of course that fits and flatters in all the right places.

This summer, let’s embrace the fact that all our bodies look different (but equally beautiful) in a bikini. ‘No one has the same body shape at the end of the day, so why create one bikini to fit all? It doesn’t work’, says Amy Miles, founder of swimwear brand Tiger Shell. ‘I believe you should be able to create your own personally tailored bikini’.

With the opportunity to mix and match tops and bottoms in various different shapes, cuts and colours, we can ensure you that the combination you end up with is the perfect one to accentuate the best parts of your body shape.

And so ladies, the time has come to take a good long look in the mirror and really get to know your figure. Don’t look at us with such shock and fear in your eyes! Before we can even consider choosing clothes in which to dress ourselves, we must be completely aware of our own bodies, OK? If you’ve been blessed by the boob gods, then support is key. Look for under wiring and cups for added support. On the flip side, a smaller chest size can pull off a bandeau; play with bright colours if you want to give the illusion of being slightly better endowed than you are. Pear shaped bodies look fab in plunging necklines, while curve-accentuating frills really flatter an athletic build. The list goes on, and browsing a guide to help identifying body shape is probably the first step you want to take in order to avoid any mirror meltdowns whilst trying on swimwear this summer!

Once you’ve got it down which body shape you are, what details you should be paying attention to and what types of colour would best fit your fabulous figure, it’s time for the fun part: let’s go shopping!

Great for athletic figures

The Nina is the triangle bikini with additional flattering frill. This gives it a beautiful, soft focused edge, which adds movement and gives the illusion of more shape. The Jocelyn bottoms have large ‘rabbit ear’ side ties, which are great for adding curves.

Great for perky bums

The Nina bottoms have a flirty frill edging which will draw the eye downwards – perfect if you want to make your bum the centre of attention!

Great for wide hips

The Sophie bottoms are gorgeous if you don’t want to make your hips look wider than they already are as they don’t have any side ties!

Great for smaller busts

The Sophie is perfect for smaller busts thanks to its padded bandeau top with twist detailing – also mirrored in the bottoms. The little padding will add shape, and the optional neck strap will add support if you need it.

Great for bigger busts

The Jocelyn is a padded halter neck; it suits bigger boobs and is a versatile piece as you can change the shape from halter neck to triangle with the gold sliders! Alternatively, the Lulu is a beautiful structured bandeau; the padded cups will ensure you still have extra support despite the lack of straps!

Great for all boob sizes

The Amy Lou is the classic, versatile triangle bikini. A winner for every body shape, you can make it into what you want it to be. You can stretch out the actual triangles or bunch them up, making it adjustable depending on your boob size!

A final gem of advice from Amy to kick the summer off? ‘Have fun and laugh as much as you can!’ …we definitely find we’re happier and more confident when we do!

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